The Estonian University of Life Sciences offers scholarships to people with Ukrainian citizenship to study in English-language programmes


The Estonian University of Life Sciences invites students from Ukraine to study English-taught study programmes, offering them a scholarship and free accommodation in a dormitory. Admission to English-language master's degree programmes to students from non-EU countries, including Ukraine, is open until April 10, applications in the field of veterinary medicine can be submitted longer.




The Estonian University of Life Sciences offers four English-taught study programmes. Three of them are master's programmes and require the applicant to have a previous bachelor's degree. These are Landscape ArchitectureEnvironmental Governance and Adaptation to Climate Change and Planning and Analysis in Multifunctional Forestry.

It is possible to enter the English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s combined programme Veterinary Medicine already on the basis of secondary education. It has to be taken into account that this discipline requires a real vocation from a student, because medical studies are intense and the official study period is six years.

University offers two targeted scholarships covering tuition fees for students with Ukrainian citizenship in each English-language study program. Students with Ukrainian citizenship who are admitted for studies at the university with a targeted scholarship are exempt from paying the dormitory rent for the nominal duration of their studies. The scholarship recipient must comply with the requirements set for full-time study.

However, for veterinary studies there are some special conditions to the scholarship.  Similarly to other English-taught curriculas, two targeted scholarships are created for students with Ukrainian citizenship, but these are based on previous study and work experience immatriculation from the second academic year. These are targeted mainly to the students, whose ongoing veterinary studies have been interrupted due to the war in Ukraine. While applications from students from other non-EU countries for the English-taught veterinary medicine programme are expected until May 2, candidates from Ukraine can apply until May 31.

For admission, it is necessary to present a document proving previous education, identification document and prove sufficient English language proficiency. Letter of motivation must be also presente. The usual application fee for English-taught study programmes at the Estonian University of Life Sciences is 100 euros, but applicants who have completed previous study level in Estonia or have Estonian or Ukrainian citizenship are exempted from the application fee. You can read more about admission conditions on the website of the university and ask Vaike Reisner ( for more information.

Candidates from the European Union countries, Switzerland, Great Britain, Georgia and Turkey can apply to the English-taught study programmes of the Estonian University of Life Sciences until May 31. Admission to Estonian-taught study programmes begins on June 3 and lasts until July 4.