Settle in Estonia programme

Settle in Estonia provides a free educational programme by the Estonian state which is intended to help newly arrived foreigners to adapt to Estonia and become accustomed to local life; it is comprised of training courses on a variety of topics, including Estonian language training courses (at A1 and A2 level).

People in TallinnWho can take part?

All foreigners with a residence permit who have arrived in Estonia during the last five years are welcome to participate in the Settle in Estonia programme (this includes international students). 


How to sign up?

If you are a foreign national newly relocated to Estonia who has received a residence permit or right of residence after 1 August 2015 then the Police and Border Guard Board will refer you to participate in the Settle in Estonia programme. You can sign up for the programme here:

Please keep in mind, that the Settle in Estonia programme is available for internationals who have already received their residence permit and Estonian identity document. 


What training modules are offered?

The Settle in Estonia programme covers a variety of topics:

  • Basic module 
  • Studying module 
  • Research module 
  • Work module 
  • Entrepreneurship module
  • Family life module
  • Language training module