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Updated at: May 12, 2018

Adrian Venables

Lancaster University

Political Maritime Cyber Security Landscape

Politics and Power are entwined and interlinked. Power has been defined as the ability to affect others to achieve a desired outcome and politics as the possession and distribution of power. The projection of power is well understood in the physical maritime, land and air operating domains and is increasingly being employed in the virtual one of cyberspace. The maritime and cyber environments have many similar characteristics such as their dependence on manufactured resources to exploit their potential. However, although their size prevents them from being under the total control of a single power, temporary regional control is vital for trade, communication or to achieve an effect on an adversary’s behaviour. 

This keynote speech explores how by combining the attributes of the maritime and cyber domains, it is possible to generate cyberpower to influence a target population to achieve political aims. By restricting an adversary’s access to cyberspace, effective cyber security can therefore be regarded as a counter power strategy. Used in the maritime environment, it can be deployed to limit the effect of the political ambitions of those that aspire to regional and global power projection.