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Updated at: Mar 30, 2021

Cyber Security Summer School 2018

11-15 June 2018
Tallinn, ESTONIA

This year’s Cyber Security Summer School will focus on maritime cyber security. With experts from maritime sector, marine technology industries and cyber security establishments, the Summer School will give an overview of the tools and communications used in shipping industry, discuss their vulnerabilities and also introduce new trends in autonomous shipping and its dangers and risks.

Please include a motivational letter into the registration form with an explanation why you would like to join the Summer School.


Estonian Maritime Academy, Tallinn

General chairs:

Olaf Maennel, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Dan Heering, TTÜ Estonian Maritime Academy, Estonia
Kieren Nicolas Lovell, University of Cambridge, UK

Keynote speaker:

Dr. Adrian Venables, Lancaster University, UK



You will receive 3 ECTS credit points and a certificate for completing the Summer School

Study Methods:

Please bring along a personal laptop. The course will include practical exercise in the simulator centre of Estonian Maritime Academy. The idea of the exercise is to use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques, and entry-grade hacking tools and hacking tools available to the public, in order to find vulnerabilities within Maritime industry (hardware, communication mediums, and procedures). The objectives of the exercise are as follows
  • To test the security of the maritime industry
  • To connect the cybersecurity community to the Maritime industry, to learn from each others experiences
  • To better improve our understanding of the risks within the industry


Up to 50 PhD students (PhD level and junior researchers)


PhD level and junior researchers: EUR 200 (excluding VAT)

All others: EUR 500 (excluding VAT)


Make the most of Tallinn and be part of two wonderful events! Cyber Security Summer School 2018 is organized in conjunction with the 4th Interdisciplinary Cyber Research (ICR) workshop to be held at the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia on the 9th of June, 2018.
For more information, please visit: http://cybercentre.cs.ttu.ee/en/icr2018/

For further questions, please contact us:

E-mail: merlika.loo@ttu.ee

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