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Updated at: Aug 15, 2016

Hein Dries-Ziekenheiner

Hein Dries-Ziekenheiner LL.M is the CEO of VIGILO consult, a Netherlands based consultancy specialising in internet enforcement, cybercrime and related issues. Although Hein holds a masters degree in Dutch Civil law from Leiden University, The Netherlands, he also has more than ten years of technical experience in forensic IT and law enforcement on the internet which he initially obtained as technical officer to the internet safety team of the in the Netherlands Telecommunications agency OPTA (now ACM). He conducted both malware and spam investigations and dealt with financial (interconnection related) disputes between operators.

Because of his background as regulatory counsel and representative of the Netherlands ISP industry association, Hein has an extensive background and many years of experience in internet networking and internet policy as well as enforcement related issues, such as open source and social media investigations. He has set up forensics and covert internet labs and regularly trains lawyers authorities in cybersecurity, cybercrime and related crimes (such as affiliate marketing, P2P/Bitcoin payment systems and skimming). Hein has co-operated with many CERTS, banks, law enforcement agencies, payment providers and ISPs worldwide in spam and malware cases. He regularly publishes and speaks on issues relating to internet, law enforcement and related topics.

VIGILO’s main clients include government bodies (regulators agencies and services from a variety of countries), international organisations and agencies (EC, Council of Europe), NGOs (Freedom House) as well as well as security industry. On occasion he co-operates with both Leiden and Maastricht University.