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Updated at: Jan 04, 2016

Richard Gold (Digital Shadows)

Richard Gold is Lead Security Analyst at Digital Shadows and former Cisco cloud web security expert. He is an information security professional with experience in both offensive and defensive security as well as security engineering. He has worked for Cisco, AGT and, currently, Digital Shadows in various security-related roles. He is particularly interested in OSINT recon, malware campaigns (mostly nation-state) and offensive security techniques. He is Certified SCADA Security Architect and holds a PhD in Computer Networking."

"Many organizations focus their security concerns on the perimeter of their network and the devices, software and people within that perimeter. However, the usage of cloud services, social media and remote access services means that the perimeter of the network is much more porous than it used to be. We call the exposure of an organization which can be used against the organization itself the "digital shadow" of the organization. Additionally, threat actors use both the clear web and dark web for collaboration and planning too.
Join me for a walk in the digital shadows where we tour what an organization might have exposed to the outside world and how threat actors lurk in the shadows. We show how threat intelligence, that is, actionable insight into exposure and actors, can be used by an organization to keep track of the digital shadows beyond the perimeter of its own networks."