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Updated at: Jan 04, 2016

Mehis Hakkaja (Clarified Security)

Mehis has background in pentest team management since 2001 and is a security practitioner who has viewed IT security from many different viewpoints. Mehis is a U.S. Military Academy, West Point, graduate with a B.Sc. degree in computer science with special interest in cyber warfare. Besides his military background, Mehis has worked as a penetration tester and pentest team leader, security manager for a telecommunications company, has promoted CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams) at ENISA (European Networks and Information Security Agency) and has managed information security for a global electronics manufacturing company. Mehis also has extensive Red Teaming management experience at exercises like "Locked Shields".

Hacking demo "From one click to owning your network"

It often takes just one unfortunate click on a wrong link or visit to an otherwise innocent site to 0wn your PC and whole network. We will cover in one very visual demo how a simple web or software vulnerabilities can be a threat to any one of us. Once the attacker has owned your PC with a drive-by or client-side exploit, there is no stopping, so we will wrap the whole story up by p0wning the rest of the network in a breeze - an approach that works equally well for a script-kiddie and a serious APT player. This short demo is meant to make everyone understand how simple hacking can be - mindset, concepts and tools delivered in an "edutainment style".