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Updated at: Jan 04, 2016

George Danezis (University College London)

Title: “Zero-knowledge proofs: engineering and applications”

Zero-knowledge proofs are key ingredients for building powerful Privacy Enhancing Technologies, such as selective disclosure credentials. They allow users to prove properties of their secrets without revealing them. However, those techniques can seem obscure or out of reach. This session will present a down-to-earth tutorial on practical Zero-Knowledge protocols for proving knowledge of secrets, equality of secrets, linear and non-linear relations. Our focus will be on engineering – with just enough theory to allow us to build practical systems.

Practical Session: after 1.5 hours of theory, I hope you will join me for a 2h laboratory to implement some key zero-knowledge protocols. The labs will require pairs of students to run python 2.7 in a Linux environment either natively or in a virtual machine. Please ensure you have a working environment before the lab.