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November 2014


Conference CyberCrime 2014 Tallinn, Estonia

Keynote speakers:
Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar, the Head of Cyber Policy Coordination at the European External Action Service.
Ann Mennens, the Manager of the Belgian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research and Education (B-CCENTRE).

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World Usability Day 2014, Tallinn

#1 Usability and UX Design Conference in the Baltics

WUD Is About Making Our World Work Better

Technology today is too hard to use. In order to humanize a world that uses technology for everything, we must develop it in a way that serves people first. WUD 2014 is the go-to conference for designers, policy makers, developers and everyone interested in good design. This years topics include eye tracking, hardware UX, gamification techniques and UX research.

Event schedule and registration: http://wud.tlu.ee/
28.-30.nov 2014

Garage48 Enable Tallinn 2014

Garage48 Enable Tallinn 2014 inspires people to come up with solutions that make our societies more open to people with disabilities. We expect about 80 people with a full commitment to participate the challenging 48 hour weekend boot-camp event building new web and mobile applications. We are looking for various skill-sets and roles: Designers, Web Developers, Programmers & Mobile App Developers, Visionary Entrepreneurs or Project Managers, Marketing Gurus, Social Workers, Human Rights Advocates.  

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Robotex 2014

Robotex is the greatest robotics competition in the Baltic countries, coordinated by Tallinn University of Technology and organized in cooperation with the University of Tartu. The event takes place for the 14h time.

The first day is dedicated to the next generation of robotics and the competitions are held in easier fields. The second day focuses on experienced robot builders, which requires higher level of technical skill and knowledge. The Technology exhibition has also taken place under the event of Robotex within the past four years.

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19 November 2014

International Student Job Day "Work in Estonia"

Dear international student

You are invited to an international student job day, where you can get to know more about working in Estonia, taking first steps towards having your own business, and participate in an internship themed workshop.

International Student Job Day will take place at Tallinn University of Technology on 19th of November.
Free Buses from TARTU! Register at http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1444912/06d01a5de4a2

More information: https://www.facebook.com/workinestonia