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June 2015


Nordic Testing Days in Tallinn, Estonia

Nordic Testing Days is an annual conference primarily aimed at software testers. However, during the recent years we have branched out and also welcome others ranging from programmers to UX specialists, project managers to designers etc. In other words, everyone who is interested in dipping their toes into testing and contributing to smoother software development cycle and quality. We believe this will help diversify learning across the board.

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2015 GeekOut. Salme Kultuurikeskus in Tallinn

The GeekOut conference was started as a single day event by ZeroTurnaround in 2011. It has since grown into a full-blown, two day show for developers. 2015 will see the 5th GeekOut. The focus of the conference is on Java, the JVM, covering developer tooling, solution architecture, programming methodologies, continuous delivery and programming languages for the JVM platform. GeekOut focuses on ideas and communication - rather than on the quantity of talks and pitches. The main goal for the conference is to have each attendee learn new ideas and meet new people.

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28.06. - 11.07.2015

E-Services Summer Course

Estonia boasts the world’s leading IT infrastructure and e-services. Their linking to government databases and rising popularity among users has given an enormous boost to the ICT sector in the country. By the end of the course you´ll have at least one pitched e­‑Service Prototype to implement in the future!

Register to the course and find out more: www.ttu.ee/e-services2015


Idea Garage - Personalised Medicine Solutions

The Idea Garage offers an opportunity to all those interested in personalised medicine to propose and validate new ideas on how personalised medicine can better solve medical and healthcare related problems.

The aim of the idea garage is to gather people with different backgrounds and skillsets to elaborate on innovative personalised medicine ideas in small teams.
The focus of the event is to find new ideas in the field and validate them during the event with help of mentors. No prototypes are built yet.
Read more and register: http://garage48.org/events/idea-garage-personalised-medicine