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December 2016

December 2 - 4, 2016


Robotex is the greatest robotics competition in the Baltic countries, coordinated by Tallinn University of Technology in cooperation with the University of Tartu and Information Technology Foundation for Education.

Robotex 2016 takes place 2 - 4 December. In this three-day family event different international robot competitions in both well-known and new fields take place.

Schedule: http://www.robotex.ee/calendar 

December 2 - 4, 2016

Garage48 Pärnu 2016 Women in Tech

Garage48 is teaming up again with the Pärnu City Council and Pärnu Entrepreneurship & Development Center and our local partners to bring a hackathon to Pärnu for the 4th year.

You can join with whatever cool and innovative idea you have. Prepare yourself for 48 hours full of fun, coding, building, designing, selling and thinking BIG! So if you’re ready to think outside of the box, meet like-minded people and build something crazy and innovative, this event is for you!

Why Women in Tech?
Technology can be the great equalizer. Start-ups are not constrained by nationality, language, or borders. Instead, ideas and teams are the driving force behind their innovative and disruptive concepts. However, despite their... egalitarian nature, women are often excluded from start-up teams whether they are located in Europe or elsewhere in the world and we are setting out to change this fact. We’re proposing a gender-equal hackathon to encourage more women to participate in Estonia's tech sector.

Programme and registration: http://garage48.org/events/garage48-parnu-2016-women-in-tech

December 5 - 7, 2016

TTU Mektory Start-up Competition 2016

The annual TTU Mektory Start-up Competition is around the corner! We are looking forward to seeing already established teams, at least half of the team should be students, whose idea is preferably technology oriented. As usual our list of rewards is impressive ranging from Silicon Valley study trip to mentoring programmes offered by our good partners at Tehnopol start-up incubator and Prototron Fund.

Programme and registration: http://www.ttu.ee/startup
December 9, 2016


Long have everyone criticized startups for burning investors` money but not being brilliant at earning money. Now it is eventually time to answer to the BIG question:
How to Earn if there’s Nothing to Burn? sTARTUp Day 2016 is a first-time business festival in Tartu, Estonia, where 40 + international and local experts from many different subject fields will try to answer that question.

Festival is open for EVERYONE who is interested in:
  • entrepreneurship and startups;
  • getting to know how to avoid making common mistakes starting a business;
  • getting to know how to increase success rate;
  • meeting with interesting people, networking with greatest minds and making new contacts or just wants to have fun enjoy the inspiring vibes at the biggest business festival ever held in Tartu!