The University of Tartu has finished accepting applications for English-language curricula. The interest of prospective foreign students in studying at the University of Tartu has increased by approximately 25%, compared to the previous year. The biggest number of applications were submitted for the master’s programme in software engineering, a total of 288.

According to Senior Specialist for International Studies Ülle Tensing, a total of 813 applications were submitted for the ten English-language bachelor’s and master’s programmes and the integrated medicine curriculum. “With international admission, however, it must always be kept in mind that nearly 35% of the candidates are not eligible,” Tensing notes. “Nevertheless, we are glad that the number of motivated foreign candidates has increased.”

Out of the master’s programmes, the biggest number of applications were submitted for the EU-Russian studies and software engineering curriculum. As in the previous year, 57 students are expected to start in the joint software engineering programme in the autumn.

Head of the UT Institute of Computer Science Jaak Vilo is glad that international IT programmes, such as software engineering and cyber defence, that are developed by the UT in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology, have achieved stability and are attracting better-quality foreign students to Estonia through improving competitiveness. “The prestige of Estonia as an IT country and the success of our international companies, especially Skype, are remarkable. I am glad that the IT education at the University of Tartu is acquiring international fame for its curricula combining strong theory and practice,” Vilo says.

For the academic year 2013/2014, prospective students were for the first time able to submit applications also for the English-language medicine programme, with most of the candidates coming from Finland.

Applications were submitted from approximately 92 countries. The lists of the admitted students will be published by 3 June 2013.

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