Starting from 2013, in University of Tartu, it is possible for students in the International Masters of Software Engineering to undertake an entrepreneurial software project in addition or instead of an internship in a company. The aim of this project is to show students how to create a new software product from scratch and maybe even turn it into a start-up project.

The first year of this new project option has proven to be a success. Four students (Oliver Meus, Sigmar Muuga, Roland Kriibi and Mikk Pavelson), who chose this program were eager enough to launch their created project even before the end of the semester. The final product got the name Groupimg and it is a free mobile and web-based open photo sharing service. It enables the user to create shared photo albums for groups with only an e-mail address needed for sharing.

So what makes this application different from all the other photo sharing options? “Various photo sharing environments, like Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook etc. provide similar options, but each environment has its own shortcomings, such as the requirement of creating an account or belonging to a social network, the lack of an option to create shared albums etc. In developing the Groupimg service, we have tried to make the sharing and exchanging of images as convenient as possible for users, turning the shortcomings of other environments into a strength for the Groupimg service. This is a good opportunity to share images with close ones who do not have social network accounts and who only use email,” a co-founder of Groupimg Anne Jääger says of the service.

This whole program was developed in the University of Tartu in order to encourage IT students to go into business after graduation. This project is the first result of the new program and it has already proven to be a success. If you want to join this exciting new program and create your own successful projects in the future then it is not too early to already start preparing for the 2014 course application. You can find details about the course and admission here:

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