Skype’s Foreign Studies’ Master’s Scholarship (hereinafter the Scholarship) is intended to support the master’s study of one person studying any specialty in the area of sciences (preferably ICT specialties) or through interdisciplinary courses outside Estonia during the year 2014, provided that one level of higher education is passed in a specialty of sciences. The purpose of the Scholarship is to promote knowledge migration between the areas of science and arts, to popularise the specialties of information and communication technology (ICT) and to increase the availability of master’s study for Estonian master’s candidates studying abroad. Skype’s Foreign Studies’ Scholarship was founded during the seminary of Black Box Open Mind in the summer of 2004, where the head of Skype Niklas Zennström and one of its investors Steve Jürvetson made a presentation and where the first contribution for the future scholarship foundation was collected from the participants. The scholarship is regulated by the Statute of Skype’s Foreign Studies’ Scholarship.

The Scholarship granted by Skype Technologies OÜ in the academic year of 2014/2015 is 6400 EUR.

The purpose of the Scholarship is to cover the tuition fee or study expenses. The period of the Scholarship is the academic year 2014/2015, altogether 10 months. The Scholarship can be applied for by all Estonian citizens or persons with permanent residence permit, who have fulfilled the prerequisites for entering the master’s program. The Scholarship cannot be applied for by the employees of Skype or HITSA.

To apply for the Scholarship, please send an e-mail at, together with the following information:

  • The “Subject” field containing the keyword “Skype’s Foreign Studies’ Master’s Scholarship 2014” (“Skype’i välisõpingute magistristipendium 2014”)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant, with contact information (including phone number, e-mail)
  • Academic results of the entire study period from the last higher educational institution attended (academic report)
  • Application - the topic of the master’s thesis, or if there is no topic yet, the description of the area of interest (up to 1000 characters), together with the name of the country and/or institution of higher education where the student wishes to continue their studies
  • An essay on “What will I be doing in 5 years thanks to Skype’s Scholarship?” (the length of 4500-7000 characters).

The selection of scholarship recipient takes place in two rounds. In the first round, the applicants who will be asked to continue to the second round of interviews will be selected from the applications received (taking into account the application presented, previous education of the scholarship applicant, professional activity and future vision about self-development). During the round of interviews the scholarship recipient shall be determined and he/she is expected to approve their acceptance in the higher education institution at least within two months. The Contract of Scholarship shall be entered into with the scholarship recipient only if the recipient has been enrolled in the master’s study programme specified in the official notice approving his/her acceptance. The Scholarship will be paid out according to the Contract of Scholarship.

Application Deadline is June 17, 2014.

Applicants who will make it to the round of interviews shall be selected during 5 workdays.

Additional information:

Marily Hendrikson

Information Technology Foundation for Education
Akadeemia tee 21/1, 12618 Tallinn
Phone: 628 5811