From June 11-15, the forth International Cyber Security Summer School for doctoral students and junior researchers will be held at the Estonian Maritime Academy. This year the Summer School will focus on maritime cyber security.

With experts from maritime sector, marine technology industry and cyber security establishments, the Summer School will give an overview of the tools and communications used in shipping, discuss their vulnerabilities and also introduce new trends in autonomous shipping, its dangers and risks. Practical exercises in the form of test-cases are conducted in the simulator centre of Estonian Maritime Academy.

The aim of the event is to bring awareness to seafarers and also to cyber security experts.

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The objective in creating the Cyber Security Summer School was to elevate Estonia’s reputation as a nation that has a focus on higher education and scientific development in the field of cyber security and to facilitate the acquisition and sharing of skills geared towards the creation of an information society in which we can all feel secure in the future.