Do you know in which country the ICT is part of a daily routine? Naturally – it´s Estonia, a small country where even sen-years-old know how to write a code. 

Here is an article written by Jinesh Parekh, a student of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) at Tallinn University in Estonia. He came to Estonia from the city of Mumbai, India and has been here for 6 months now. Jinesh found the course of HCI online and he is impressed by the subjects and background of the faculty.

„The world is going towards IT and Estonia is definitely leading the way. The government has put all its eggs in one basket and that is IT. Some amazing talent from around the world live, work and share ideas on their vision of IT in Estonia. Estonia has a very tiny population of just over one million. The public and government services for citizens, officials and entrepreneurs are available through a state portal called Over 200 services are available online in one website. From applying for study allowance to booking permits to public events and from ordering your health card to search for company names – its ALL done online! its a fantastic model of e-governance and I have a cut feeling that systems like these will be used around the world in the near future. Estonia is a fantastic place for techies to work and study IT. Most universities are in Tallinn or Tartu and they offer  amazing IT curriculum. You can find a list of awesome IT programs in Estonia here“.

Got interested? You can read more about the possibilities for ICT studies in Estonia from Jinesh´s blog. He also describes the life behind studies. As Jinesh says – “it has been phenomenal experience and I highly recommend techies to consider studying here!“

Thousands of the brightest minds have studied in Estonia – find out why!


Photo: Stina Kase