Tallinn Tech has published it's Internationalisation road map for the year 2015
All the goals, figures and facts have found their way on a map for everyone to discover. If you are interested in the number of foreign students in Tallinn Tech, then have a look at the road map. You can also find the TOP 3 study programmes, strategic focus countries, opinions by students, etc.

 According to Tallinn University of Technology, the TOP 3 study programmes are:

1. Cyber Security (joint program with University of Tartu)
2.  International Business Administration
3. International relations and European Studies

Interviews with foreign students in Estonia confirm that most of them find their way to Estonia via FB community and internet. They say that staff in Estonian universities is very helpful, and reviews they have read from internet and heard from friends are inspiring!

TOP 5 countries where students are from:
1. Finland
2. Turkey
3. Russia
4. Georgia
5. China


From the map you can find many more interesting facts about Estonia, as well as some of the prizes and nominations we have received.
Beside all these facts, there are given a list of reasons what helps you to sign up for studying in Estonia.

*Illustration from the title page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/congresscheck/3422774261/