A new Estonian invented language learning program, the Language Accelerator, promises to teach any learner any chosen language in just 200 hours.

Everyone probably remembers the days of going to school and different language classes, carrying big books with you, spending hours learning for tests and maybe even paying large sums of money for the whole process. This whole way of studying is usually very slow and it can take several years to learn a new language. With all the technology in the world today, is there really not a better solution to all of this?

In a recent interview given to ERR, Mait Müntel and Rait Arro (two of the Estonian Language Accelerator creators) say that have come up with a computer program that is much more effective than going to special language classes. They say that there are many reasons why using a computer to learn languages is a lot quicker and easier, with the main reason being the fact that a computer is capable of monitoring the knowledge that you already have. The program will evaluate how the memory evolves and how the learned words are memorised and reminded. During this process, the Language Accelerator will save all the answers that are inserted and analyse them in order to work out what is the next best thing for the student to learn.

What adds to the uniqueness of the program is the fact that the Language Accelerator will teach you the modern language, instead of focusing on the ’’classic’’ and old language that is found in most textbooks. By being connected to the internet, updating the program will not be a problem and users can be sure that it is always up to date.

The same program will also be available as an app on smartphones and therefore can be accessed at any time. This will allow the student to use the short breaks they have during the day to revise, which could otherwise go to waste.

At the moment, the Language Accelerator is still a prototype and is expected to launch later this year. At first, there will be an Estonian and an English language version of it, but all other languages are expected to follow. So if you are planning on coming to study in Estonia, learning the local language has just been made a whole lot easier for you.

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Source: http://news.err.ee/Sci-Tech/fde42487-5b4c-4f7b-96d7-3bbbce3778af