English Language and Nordic Culture School 15.07-11.08.2013 in Tallinn at Tallinn University of Technology.

Hundreds of start-ups, e-government,  smart mobile applications, Skype, Estcube, cyber security centre and many innovative solutions... Are you curious about how Estonians do all this? 
Here is your chance to come over and learn from Estonians at Tallinn University of Technology and its English Language and Nordic Culture School 15.07-11.08.2013



High-level education, world-known start-ups, internship opportunities in international enterprises and a wide range of free time activities are waiting for you in EUROPE!

Tallinn University of Technology invites you to a 4 week Summer School (English Language and Nordic Culture School) that takes place in the marvelous town of Tallinn -  a combination of innovative city culture in the vicinity of nature.

Tallinn is ranked as an innovative city; It`s been listed among the top 10 digital cities in the world (e.g. Wifi covers the whole country and you can use your mobile phone to pay for parking and a bus ticket).

Estonia is the country of origin for the world-famous Skype!

We offer English Courses every day for 4 weeks!

  • Lessons are designed to be stimulating, encouraging and fun.
  • You are instructed by professional English language teachers.
  • Suitable group will be combined on every level (from beginner to advanced

We offer Nordic Culture Courses every day for 4 weeks!

We help you to get to know the Nordic history, culture and an innovative way of living. The course gives insights into the life, languages, traditions of northern Europeans.

Theory becomes reality during trips to Finland and Sweden. 

More information by e-mail:

English Contact at TUT: Anni Sinijärv, anni.sinijarv@ttu.ee.

Chinese Contact: Siyi Ma, siyi.ma@ttu.ee

Apply by 1 June 2013

See you in Tallinn!