Deadline for application to the first international Cyber Security Summer School in Estonia is on March 15, 2015

Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) welcomes the 2015 Cyber Security Summer School (C3S), where questions regarding Information Security will be investigated: how to keep data safe, how to safely share it, how to anonymise it, and what it takes to reverse engineer data, etc.

The experience of Estonia will be used to discuss the benefits, concerns and technical details. We will discuss how we can all live securely in a digital society in the future.

PhD level students and junior researchers are invited to the Summer School. The deadline for applications is on March 15, detailed information and the documents required can be found on the website.

Estonia is well known for implementing a fully digital society. Estonian e-residency, e-voting and possibility to sign legally-binding contracts and interact with the government – all using the Internet are widely known. C3S promotes the excellence of Estonia in cyber defence issues.

The summer school is organised by Information Technology Foundation for Education together with the Ministry of Education and Research, University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology.


More information:

Marily Hendrikson programme manager

Information Technology Foundation for Education

+372 6285811