FinanceEstonia and UK Trade & Investment recently held a conference on distruptive technology in financial services. 

The event was designed to discuss what’s been done and what’s possible in disruptive Financial Technology (FinTech), to showcase innovative products, services and business models, and to look ahead to the future.They talked about the bigger picture in Estonia and the UK, focusing on what consumers want, what the industry possesses and how to make the best out of it. In addition to insightful presentations and content rich panel discussions the event provided a networking and discussion opportunity for British and Estonian enterprises. It provided:

-Insight on the latest consumer trends in the financial IT sector; 
-Contacts from the best FinTech talents in Estonia and the UK; 
-Knowledge, why Estonia is famous for E-services and what is happening in the UK FinTech sector. 

This reading material contains interviews with a selection of the speakers and panelists and supplements of what was heard at the event. 

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