The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest is a student team competition created by the Association for Computing Machinery.

The competition has teams of 3 members who all have to solve a number of tasks with a computer that is not connected to the internet within a 5 hour time limit. The teams will be assessed on the number of tasks solved and time consumption. For every task the teams need to present a program which will be evaluated based on the test data. The program will be considered acceptable if it completes the tasks without going over the time and memory limits. For every failed attempt the team will receive an extra 20 minutes to their score. The programming languages to be used are C, C++ and Java.

Like with any big competitions, the teams will get to the Yekaterinburg finals through preliminary competitions. For the teams from Estonia, this means quarterfinals in Minsk (22.-23.10.13) and the semi-finals in Saint Petersburg (November).

The domestic preliminary rounds will take place at the different universities in the end of September. 

The requirements for each team are:

-The team members have to be students from the same university that they represent (this includes exchange students).

-The members have not studied for more than 5 years in the University.

-The team members are all under the age of 24.

-None of the team members have taken part in more than one final for the ICPC competition.

-None of the team members have taken part in more than 4 previous seasons (excluding domestic competitions).

To get some more information about this competition email by 23.09.2013 (For IT College). If you are from Tallinn University of Technology or from the University of Tartu, contact your faculty for more information.

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