Viope is pleased to invite your students to showcase their talent in game development to thousands of other competitors as well as to our partners. To support universities and students in game subject, Viope offers a Game Development package with diversifying, informative and practical game-related courses:
-Artificial Intelligence in Games 
-Video Game Design & Game Theory 
-Introduction to Game Programming 
-2D/3D graphics 
-Game Business 

The courses are developed and designed by Finnish Game Cluster and will be available from Winter 2013. The contest and the study package are Viope’s effort to encourage students to learn more about game development as well as to stand out in the game industry. 

The teams submit their productions for Student or Professional category. All games are reviewed and judged by professionals of the games industry.   

Game Development World Championship 2013 is a sequel of successful Viope Game Programming Contest 2012. In 2012 over 500 teams from 70 countries participated and Ancora team from Singapore grabbed the main prize. Game Development World Championship 2013 is open to game developers and enthusiasts all over the world, from students to freelancers and professionals. 

The contest is open from 08th of October 2013 and closes on the 26th of January 2014. More information about Viope Game Development World Championship at

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