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Updated at: Jun 06, 2017

Skype’s Foreign Studies’ Master’s Scholarship Statute

Skype’s Foreign Studies’ Master’s Scholarship (hereinafter the Scholarship) is intended to support the master’s studies of one talented master’s candidate studying the area of science or mathematics or through interdisciplinary courses outside Estonia, provided that one level of higher education is passed in a specialty of sciences. The purpose of the Scholarship is to promote knowledge migration between the areas of science and arts, to popularise the specialties of information and communication technology (ICT), and to increase the availability of master’s study for Estonian master’s candidates studying abroad.

The Scholarship competition shall be announced on the websites of Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) and Skype, in mailing lists, and through partners. The Scholarship can be applied for Estonian citizens or persons with permanent residence permit, who have fulfilled the prerequisites for entering the master’s program. Other prerequisites, terms and conditions and due terms for applying for the Scholarship competition are determined by the Scholarship committee of HITSA.

First of all, the Scholarship competition takes into account the topic or area of interest of the planned master’s thesis, the previous professional activity and plans for future. Applications will be also taken under consideration based on other criteria stipulated in the Scholarship announcement.

The allocation of the Scholarship is decided upon the applications received by the Scholarship committee of HITSA together with the representative of Skype. The committee is not obliged to give reasons for their decision. The decision shall not be subject to appeal. The Scholarship committee reserves the right not to award the Scholarship if there are no applicants with an adequate level to qualify for the Scholarship.
The Scholarship shall be allocated to a specific person to cover the study expenses during the next academic year. The Scholarship will be paid to the grantee by two instalments, as agreed. The grantee is required to submit a written report to HITSA about the use of the Scholarship.

The decision regarding the extension of the Scholarship to the next academic year is made by the management board of Skype Technologies OÜ. In addition to the previous requirements, the Scholarship recipient must complete the nominal study load of the mandatory subject syllabus and his/her the average grade must be at least 80% of the maximum.

In case the Scholarship recipient discontinues the studies or takes an academic leave during the Scholarship period, the Scholarship shall not be paid out and the unpaid Scholarship shall remain in Skype’s Foreign Studies’ Master's Scholarship Fund.

Possible problems related to the award of the Scholarship are solved by the Scholarship committee of HITSA.

Approved with the directive no. 1-1/30-17 of the member of the management board of HITSA from June 1, 2017.