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Updated at: Mar 05, 2015
The IT Academy invites IT students to participate in the 2014 European Innovation Academy technology entrepreneurship program, taking place on 7-25th July in Sophia-Antipolis, France. The program engages entrepreneurial students from all disciplines and nationalities to come together and produce products and services of the future – through creating a start-up company.

IT Academy’s European Innovation Academy scholarship


The aim of IT Academy’s European Innovation Academy scholarship (further referred to as scholarship) is to support the participation of students matriculated to ICT curricula and curricula with ICT specialization in European Innovation Academy 2014.

European Innovation Academy (EIA) is a three-week (5.07.-26.07.2014)  international training program in Southern France focusing on development of IT area products and services. 400 students from 50 different countries participate in EIA. The 15-day training lays a foundation for 80 global IT start-ups of which the best ones also receive investment from international venture capitalists and investors. For more information see www.inacademy.eu, info@inacademy.eu

This scholarship contributes to globalization of Estonia ICT higher education, increasing of interdisciplinarity of ICT students’ education and graduation within nominal time.

Students matriculated to ICT curricula and curricula with ICT specialization in professional higher education, Bachelor as well as Master degree level can apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship amount is € 1250.

The scholarship competition assessment primarily involves motivation, professional activity and English language skills of the scholarship candidate.

Strong applicant:

-      Is interested in development of new business solutions in ICT area in international team.--

-      Has a high level command of English (working language of EIA).

-      Can present his or her current programming works.

-      Has intermediate level programming skills.

The Scholarship competition shall be publicly announced on IT Academy, EIA partner universities', Information Technology Foundation for Education (ITFE) web pages and mailing lists as well as through partners. The nomination must be submitted at e-mail address ita@inacademy.eu

Application submission deadline is 17 February 2014. Please enclose the following:

  • Motivation letter;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Extract of study record or academic report in current higher educational institution.

Scholarship Board, comprised of representatives from ITFE, EIA, Tallinn University of Technology, and University of Tartu makes the decision on allocation of the scholarship. Scholarship Board is not obliged to give cause for their decision. The decision shall not be subject to any appeal procedure. Scholarship Board has the right to leave the Scholarship unawarded due to lack of qualified applicants.

The scholarship is awarded to certain persons. The aim of the scholarship is to cover the participation fee and accommodation costs of EIA program within the period of 5.07.-26.07.2014. EITF pays the specified costs directly to EIA. The student has to finance his of her transportation, insurance, catering and spare time costs.  

This scholarship does not exclude receiving of other scholarships.

The selection of scholarship recipients takes place in two rounds. The first round includes assessment of candidate’s English language skills. In the second round the scholarship board assesses the candidate personally, taking into account the motivation of the candidate, his or her current studies, professional activities and vision about his or her further self-development.  Based on the ranking, up to forty first students receive scholarships based on the ranking.

Applicants who continue are selected within 6 business days. Scholarship recipients shall be selected by March 3, 2014.

Scholarship recipient is obliged to refer to IT Academy program in al EIA-related presentations.

Possible problems concerning the allocation of scholarship shall be solved by EITF IT Academy EIA Scholarship Board. Additional information: Marily Hendrikson, IT Academy program leader, phone 6 285 811, marily.hendrikson@hitsa.ee


Approved by the Directive no. 1-1/ 3 – 14 of 23 January 2014 of the Chairman of the Management Board of EITF.


ICT curriculas supported by the IT Academy's scholarship for EIA: find HERE(ENG)

Statute and curriculum in Estonian: 

Statute (EST)

Curriculum (EST)