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Updated at: Aug 30, 2013

LHV Bank Scholarship Statute


LHV Bank Scholarship is aimed at bachelor's students whose study program has been accepted by IT Academy, with the purpose of encouraging students to make use of their knowledge and practical skills outside the information and communication technology (ICT) sector.


Scholarship promotes writing bachelor's theses in the field of ICT, impelling economic development or fostering the financial sector in Estonia. In assessing the thesis descriptions, practical value is taken into consideration.


Scholarship Fund has been created for three academic years (2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016), with an option to prolong its activity period. One €3000 scholarship will be paid out in one academic year.


Application requirements:

·         Applicant is enrolled for bachelor’s level study program accepted by ITA; 

·         Applicant has performed bachelor’s thesis defense with a positive grade in the academic year indicated in the scholarship competition notice;

·         Applicant has no employment relationship with a third party bank.


Information process about the Scholarship will start at the beginning of the academic year. The competition shall be announced before the end of the academic year. In order to participate in the competition, motivation letter accompanied by bachelor’s thesis initial description, Curriculum Vitae and defended bachelor’s thesis must be presented. Scholarship competition requirements will be specified in the competition notice.


Scholarship Board will be comprised of ITA Managing Board and representatives of LHV. All applicants will be informed about competition results within two weeks after the Scholarship Board meeting. Scholarship Board has the right to leave the Scholarship unawarded due to lack of qualified applicants. All problems occurring in relation to announcement of scholarship competition and awarding the Scholarship shall be solved by the Scholarship Board.


Scholarship will be paid out in one installment into the scholarship receiver’s bank account. Scholarship grantor has the right to use in their information materials the names of scholarship receivers and project descriptions which have contributed to awarding the Scholarship.