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Cyber Security Summer School

The objective in creating the Cyber Security Summer School was to elevate Estonia’s reputation as a nation that has a focus on higher education and scientific development in the field of cyber security and to facilitate the acquisition and sharing of skills geared towards the creation of an information society in which we can all feel secure in the future.

The Cyber Security Summer School creates an environment full of ideas, experiences and enthusiasm and we want these ideas, experiences and the enthusiasm to spread around the world!
The recognised speakers and mentors, as well as the participants coming from all over the world will definitely help us to achieve this goal.
Read an article about the Summer School published in the Life in Estonia magazine (page 11):

The 2016 Summer School brought together specialists in the fields of law and information technology. The intensive coursework, the discussions and the weeklong technically demanding exercise helped the participants acquire the skills they need to understand issues related to digital forensics from the perspective of both the law and technology.
See what was going on at the 2016 Summer School:

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